Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Opera Mini 6 Browser Blackberry Freeware Download

The developers of Opera have finally come out with an update to resolve all the problems with old Opera 5 fixing problems with scrolling and missing text. They also made huge improvements in webpage loading time.

They have also made some improvements in the user interface making bookmarking easier. They even improved the overall stability of the browser making it more snappier. Opera Mini has always been a great browser but the old question still comes up on why I still have Opera mini on my phone. The answer is very simple I love using the webkit browser on my Torch but its still not perfect, I often get a low memory error when I view websites with large pictures or graphics which really annoys any user. Opera Mini 6 solves all of these memory problems and even loads pages faster than my phones built in browser.

Download link: Opera Mini 6 Blackberry Edition

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