Friday, October 14, 2011

5 Tips/Tricks very useful for New BlackBerry Users

We found this article in the Orlando Sentinel and felt that it could be very useful to new BlackBerry users, as many of us just picked up these devices once upon a time and figured a lot of stuff on our own way before all these blogs and tips/tricks were on the Internet.  As BlackBerry was primarily a corporate business device, it has now become popular among all sorts of personal users, even becoming an advantage over other devices such as the iPhone.  So here’s a great list of some tips and tricks you might find very useful if you are new to BlackBerry.

1. When you can’t figure out how to perform a function, try hitting the Menu key (the one with the white dots) to bring up a menu of additional options. For instance, if you want to rearrange the icons on your home screen, highlight the icon with your cursor, press the Menu key, select “Move” and then drag the icon to where you want it and click again.

2. Shortcuts are your friend on a BlackBerry. Some of the most useful include: hitting the space bar twice to enter a period when composing text, pressing “t” to go to the top of your e-mail inbox and “b” to go to the bottom, pressing “c” to compose a new e-mail, “r” to reply to an e-mail, “f” to forward a message, when you have an e-mail open, press “n” to move to the next message and “p” to go back to the previous message. To delete a bunch of messages in a row in your inbox, hold down the shift key and select the messages with your scroll bar or cursor and press the delete key.

3. You can download apps such as Facebook and Pandora directly to your phone through a store, which is called “BlackBerry App World.” To download BlackBerry App World to your phone, visit and click to download the free application.

4. To download other apps, launch the BlackBerry app from your computer’s home screen (it’s the black icon with the white dots on it). You can browse through categories of apps, see the most popular ones, or search for apps by name. Some are free and others cost money. You can also download apps by Googling them on your phone’s browser, i.e. “Gmail BlackBerry app.”

5. To avoid placing accidental calls, make sure to lock your phone’s keyboard before you put it in your pocket or purse. You can do this by selecting the keyboard lock icon from the home screen (the one with the picture of the lock). To unlock your keyboard, press the star key and the green place call button.

-by Mac Jadalhack

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