Saturday, October 8, 2011

Best BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen Perfect Smartphone

BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen. It is about time for BlackBerry to come up with the perfect smartphone. They have been losing market share to Android and Apple based devices recently. BlackBerry's response to that is the BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen, a new handset with a touchscreen twist.

Although BlackBerry had a similar concept with the Torch, which also has both the QWERTY computer style keyboard and touch screen, it was not ideal due to its sliding design which made it quite bulky and hard to use. Even though the touch screen was nice to have, entering text did prove to be of slight difficulty. But at long last, after its first leak two years ago the flagship BlackBerry smartphone is now available. Behold the BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen, the first Torch and Bold hybrid with a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard in a single pocket sized device. RIM finally delivered what used to be just a concept, which had BlackBerry fans foaming at the mouth.

The aluminium casing gives the device a pleasant, rigid feel and the weaved glass spine panel looks beautiful. What really stands out though when you hold the device in your hand is that it is not oversized or heavy. Despite the hardware upgrades and new applications featured in it, the BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen is fantastically slim. It is in fact the thinnest BlackBerry so far. It is without a doubt RIM's sleekest phone to be ever released, and if you are a regular BlackBerry consumer, you will definitely see the difference.

BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen showcases a lot of control keys all around it's edges, such as the multimedia control buttons and the digital camera shutter control key. On the front panel, the touch control keys around the trackpad includes menu, back, phone and also end. The back of the phone helps add to the classy styling of the Bold Touch. It also has a removable battery pack unlike the iPhone which makes replacing the battery easy in the future if you need to do so. RIM admitted they could have made the Bold much thinner if it was not for the detachable battery pack. It must be because most consumers were not really enthusiastic and a bit worried at the idea of an internal battery that could not be removed, so RIM decided to stick with the detachable battery pack instead.

BlackBerry Bold Touch Screen is a lot smaller compared to other phones with a touch screen. The Bold Touch only sports 2.8 inches, but nonetheless; it does not present any serious difficulties. Users would not end up tapping the wrong symbols but it might require more fingertip-aiming effort since the screen is relatively smaller. Since the phone is also sporting a new operating system, Liquid Graphics and a powerful processor, the screen performance is much improved in terms of speed and visual quality. If finger-tapping and swiping the screen becomes a difficulty, there is still the trackpad and the full QWERTY keypad to rely on. The QWERTY keypad, as one will notice, is now slightly larger so that typing on it will not have the crowded and cramped feel.

The looks of this device is not the only improvement. Inside, the Bold is powered with a great 1.2ghz processor, backed by large storage, and equipped with various helpful applications for personal, business and entertainment purposes. All of this helps to make the BlackBerry Bold Touch screen the best BlackBerry phone yet.

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