Saturday, October 8, 2011

Blackberry Mobile Phones History

Blackberry mobile phones to be one of the most intelligent that likes in the world. Blackberry sales always increase from year to year. Blackberry is a wireless communication device that supports push e-mail, internet, phone, SMS, and several other features in one device. With the advent of Blackberry, a smartphone players such as Apple began shifting. Blackberry is a product of Research In Motion (RIM) which is based in Canada.

Research In Motion (RIM) introduced the Blackberry from the year 1998 as mobile phones, which have the ability to deliver wireless data network information. This is because integration is a practical email services (mobile e-mail) or more commonly referred to as push e-mail, which is a service to facilitate the person receiving the e-mails as SMS, so that people do not have to perform the ritual activities of checking e-mails, because the device This will provide notification if any e-mails coming. Since that time the customers do not need a mobile device e-mail, the Blackberry 850 products are not so successful in the marketplace.

In the following year after RIM issued to develop the Blackberry with a touch more to the model such as the current model. Screen dimensions have increased two-fold and can display up to 6 lines 8 so much easier in the use of writing and reading the message. Addition of internal memory also added a 2-fold from 4MB in the previous model to 8MB of integrated memory in it and buried the 512KB SRAM (memory) to 1 full megabyte. Features of the best then able to do sync up to 10 personal or business email that can be upgraded. From then on RIM Blackberry continues to develop in terms of technology and models that will work intelligently. Now Research In Motion (RIM) with Blackberry products continue to develop the technology and various service features in order to remain the market leader.

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