Friday, October 14, 2011

BOLT free mobile browser incredible browsing experience for bb

When we first got word that there was a new browser out for BlackBerry, we thought “could it be Mozilla’s dark secret project that most just forgot about?” Not at all. Turns out, this browser is not only for BlackBerry but for most mobile phones right now.

BOLT is a free mobile browser that offers an incredible browsing experience on even entry-level mobile phones. It is compatible with virtually any handset with Mobile Information Device Profile (MIDP) 2.0 support. Basically this browser will work on even basic cell phones (most of them).

Forget using miniature versions of web sites when accessing them on your phone. Bolt delivers it as it ought to be, just as your desktop PC would give it to you. Why settle for less? Smartphone or not, BOLT will work on many of these basic phones we see out today.

Here are some key features:

    * Full PC-style browsing on all types of mobile phones
    * Web content is never reformatted, repurposed or removed
    * Loads pages faster than competing mobile browsers
    * Patented navigation and display technologies get you where you’re going faster
    * 23:1 over the air data reduction speeds delivery of pages to your phone
    * Consumes 1/3 of the battery power of other mobile browsers

In additon, BOLT supports RSS feeds, media sites, Google Maps, and streaming videos. It is still in BETA right now but will continue to improve as we use it and submit our feedbacks. Best of all, BOLT is ABSOLUTELY FREE

Feel free to check it out at the BOLT Browser Website

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