Thursday, October 6, 2011

Download Free Precision7 v3 Theme for Blackberry 9700 onyx

Generally it is a “2 step” collapsable dock holding 7 precison icons on top of 5 fixed buttons. Put weather app as first app in app screen. Scrolling to the weather app will (hopefully ) hide all other icons and you have a very wallpaper friendly theme.

Scrolling down will reveal all icons and buttons and scrolling further down will hide the 7 “big” icons leaving room for a shaded today area when you go to Messages or calendar (also SMS in this version although I know it is of no use in OS5. Download Free Precision7 v3 Theme for Blackberry 9700 onyx I will update when I know it works as intended)

Going left from the weather app take you to profiles and then a glowing alarm “button” and finally a also glowing signal area which naturally opens the clock app and the manage connections app Download Free Precision7 v3 Theme for Blackberry 9700 onyx.

THIS is what I need some help and feedback on, since I own a 9000 I have no way to test 8900/9600/9700 themes and by experience I know I cannot trust the the alignment show on screen in themebuilder. So please let me know if everything is aligned and working as it should (i.e. the alarm and connection button should be 100% aligned to create a “glow” in these areas. Be so kind to include screenshots in your comments and I will do my best to tweak and subsequently start the upgrade to v 3.4, which is far better IMO

theme creator: mio_BB
from :

Download directly from your blackberry
Blackberry 9700 Onyx device : Click here to download OTA

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