Sunday, October 9, 2011

Wordpress Blogging Client for Blackberry Application

Blackberry WordPress : Blogging Client for Blackberry that support wordpress engine blackberry wordpress is blogging client that release by wordpress, allow you to blogging in wordpress engine directly from your blackberry. Blackberry wordpress is support wordpress blog that hosted in or your own domain. Just setting up your hosting in blackberry wordpress client. Happy blogging download now into your blackberry

new release of the WordPress for BlackBerry application has been released. The most requested feature has been added. BIS support via the BIS-B connection layer.

In addition to BIS support, the new beta includes the following:
  • Added support for the “more” tag in both pages and posts
  • Tweaks to the UI based on user feedback
  • Most error messages are now localized
  • App now work even when the device memory is set to “encryption mode on”

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