Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Battery Booster PRO For Blackberry

Its not often we got a truly useful software for the Blackberry. Battery Booster PRO stands for being well designed and actually doing what it claims to do really well. The technology behind Battery Booster PRO is very simple it aims to lower the battery consumption of your Blackberry by providing you options to manage what your phone is doing. The following are the options available in one screen using Blackberry Booster PRO.

1. Manage Connections – This options allows you to choose connection to turn on and off. I notice if I switch off WIFI I can greatly extent the amount of time left I have with my battery.

2. Auto ON/OFF – I think auto On/Off is one the most useful options, I set mine to switch Off around 12AM and turn on around 7AM. It does this automatically saving you time from remembering to do it manually.

3. Monitor Process – This option is simply something I can’t live without, since it really works magic for saving energy. When your opening lots of apps in your Blackberry your consuming processing power and a lot of battery. This options tells you to turn off apps that’s still running in the background and is not being used. I often forget to turn of my Blackberry’s camera this option tells me to closed it. You can also choose what apps you want monitored.

4. Display Manager – This option is a shortcut to manage the brightness and display timeout of your screen. Its still useful and saves you from going through system settings.

5. Battery Alert – This functions as a reminder to tell you to charge your battery.

The combination of these five options insider Battery Booster PRO will increase the amount of time you have with your Blackberry. I notice my Blackberry Torch can last through the whole day instead of running out of battery in the afternoon. Battery Booster PRO has been the main battery reason for the increase of available time I get with my phone, and what makes even special is ite free. You can get this free App in App World.

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