Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Blackberry OS 7 RIM

In the past few months RIM has gotten a lot of negative press online and offline. Most of it started when RIM announced their Quarterly earnings which was something to be expected when a company’s making major transitions.

Most of the negative press against RIM centered mostly from a North American perspective. But in my travels to Asia I saw a whole new outlook on how people see Blackberry Phones and the company that makes it.

The moment I arrived in Jakarta last week I saw a huge crowd with Blackberry phones and iPhones. I did see some Android phones but not a lot even when I had to go to six different offices, Blackberry users  clearly stood out with their Curve, Bold and a few Torch. If RIM was able to capture such market it still must be doing something right contrary to all negative stories.

My visit to Jakarta actually confirms this blog’s stats which has a high number of new visits coming from Indonesia, India and the Philippines. Asia is going strong and RIM clearly knows how to get their phones to new markets.

Seeing how RIM was doing on the other side of the world has totally changed my view on RIM as a company.  RIM products are globally recognized for its quality and design. Android might look strong but handset prices are still too expensive and the ones that are priced correctly lack quality and are from older versions of Android.

I’m still excited about Blackberry OS 7 and the new phones comming out. I know there’s going to be critics, as much as I know there’s going to be tons of new Blackberry users around the world.

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