Tuesday, September 20, 2011

InstaPhoto for Blackberry

"Blackberry Applications" love photography and consider it my greatest temptation to getting another phone other than a Blackberry.

Mobile phone photography is a big market and currently has only one big player. You have the market leader Apple pushing the boundaries on how good a camera phone should be.

By making the IPhone’s camera a major factor on its success it has captured a huge number of fans. But It also helps that Apple has tons of app developers ready to take advantage to new technology.

Going back to the Blackberry things has been quiet for a few months for any photo related app. But lately things are starting to change. I’m happy to finally say the Blackberry now has a great photo filter app.InstaPhoto is a paid filter app you can get inside Blackberry App World. It contains 26 great filters you can use to make your photos look unique.

Here’s a screenshot with all the filters with a Photo I took inside our local dvd shop.

InstaPhoto does not produce the pictures of the fly but renders the picture from the filters available with the app. It does take its time when it renders your pictures but it all depends on the filter you have chosen. Picking the Polaroid filter only takes seconds to render compared to picking the postcard filter. How long it takes to produce an edited picture is no big deal and will not really slow you down.

InstaPhoto also has some photo sharing features to upload your pictures in Twitter and Facebook. I do find it a little bit creepy to see other peoples tweets and see their pictures inside InstaPhoto’s home screen. But Its a great chance to see some great results people have gotten using InstaPhoto.

Final Verdict:

I highly recommend InstaPhoto I usually go all freeware when it comes to apps but InstaPhoto has brought some life to my Blackberry’s camera which I now use more often.
Free Alternative:

There are some great online filter apps that is compatible with the Blackberry. You just need to find one that does not use flash. Here’s my favorite one called Dumpr it works great with my Blackberry browser.

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