Saturday, October 8, 2011

How Choosing BlackBerry Smartphone Applications

So you love your BlackBerry great. Whether you’re an executive, a mobile professional, multi-tasking parent, student or a combination of those and many other roles, there aren’t many more useful or versatile tools available. With your BlackBerry you can stay connected to all the aspects of your life. Email, text and multimedia messages, voice calls and internet browsing are all at your fingertips.

Keep everything orderly with the calendar and task list and remember everything about everyone with the contact list. Be entertained with the multimedia features. Take and send pictures and video. The list seems pretty complete, but haven’t you ever wished that you could…?

And that’s exactly the point of using third-party applications. BlackBerry applications add to the devices’ capabilities or customize an existing feature to better meet a specific need.

When you peruse the available applications, you’ll be struck by the diversity of products. Some will leave you wondering why anyone would want an application to do that. Others will elicit a joyous “Aha! That’s just what I needed!” Go for it…most applications aren’t expensive and many are free.

Here are some points to consider when determining which applications may be right for you.

What does the application do? How does it make your life better, more organized, or happier? You can find applications that help you better manage you time, money and communications. Others make travelling more pleasurable or help you find your way in an unfamiliar location. Some are aimed at particular business needs while others are purely personal. Great games include puzzles, word and trivia games, and adventures. There are entertainment applications that help you find out what movies are playing locally or make better use of the BlackBerry’s multimedia features. Many applications offer a free trial period. We encourage you to take advantage of the trial to make sure that it meets your needs and does what it’s advertised to do.

An application’s interface has to make sense for it to be valuable. After all, the goal here is to make your life better, not to add the stress of trying to operate an awkward program. Many BlackBerry applications are so totally integrated with the features of the device that they don’t seem to be additional programs at all. They’ll simply add some options to an existing function. Once activated you don’t even have to launch them to use them. Others operate more traditionally like programs on a computer. Open it then use its features. In either case, the key to the interface is that it should perform properly without adding more work for you.


What does the application look like when it’s operating? Applications that enhance integrated BlackBerry features may display nothing more than additional menu options or look exactly like the built-in graphics of the BlackBerry. On the other hand, games should be fun and reflect the nature of the play.

Additional applications place additional tasking on your devices hardware and operating software. Properly written applications run smoothly in conjunction with the rest of the device. A poor application can interfere with normal operations and freeze the whole device. If an application isn’t stable it likely isn’t worth having regardless of other attributes.

Program size:

Most third-party applications are pretty small. Still, everything adds up so you need to know how much memory an application requires and how much you have available. A few applications can be run from the memory card and some utility applications will open up a memory card for application storage.

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