Monday, October 10, 2011

IM+ Lite Blackberry Skype Client Download OTA

IM+ is a great universal chat client for the Blackberry. Shapeservices has now made a free version calling it IM+ Lite. The app still a great instant messenger client but has a small ad space within the chat application  to support their company. IM+ is currently the best alternative to the Blackberry Skype Client that only works for Verizon Blackberry Phones. I’m still waiting for years for Skype to come out with a client that works with all Blackberry phones, thank goodness for IM+ for putting Skype on the Blackberry.

IM+ Lite works great  and is compatible with all the popular Instant messenger services ( Skype, Twitter, Facebook, MSN, Yahoo IM and many more). Installing IM+ Lite is just a matter of making an OTA install and going through the connection setting done automatically by the application.

I love using this software, it does what its supposed to do really well. Shapeservices did a great thing by making this app free for everyone.

download OTA IM+ Lite:

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