Monday, October 10, 2011

ISkoot freeware Skype mobile phones now for Blackberry

ISkoot is freeware that enables you to use Skype on your mobile phones and now the Blackberry. The software is still in BETA. ISkoot has an agreement with Skype to use their network. Now you can use your Skype account to make calls and send instant messages.

ISkoot uses your voice plan to connect to their server when you make and receive Skype calls so be careful if your not in North America , you might get long distance charges. Although Iskoot is still working on trying to improve their software the chat function works great and helps me get in touch with everyone in my office.

I’m hoping Iskoot will release a new version that uses BIS, BES or TCP to make calls instead of dialing a US number which will make you incur local charges. Just remember that although Iskoot is free using it will still cost you.

Until they make some changes Iskoot still has a great Instant messaging function which makes it worth using.

ISkoot currently supports the following Phones: ( local charges apply when you make voice calls)
BlackBerry 7100
BlackBerry 7500
BlackBerry 7700
BlackBerry 8100 Pearl
BlackBerry 8300 Curve
BlackBerry 8700
BlackBerry 8800
BlackBerry 8900 
BlackBerry 9000 Bold

ISkoot : Link
Download : Link User Guide PDF: link

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