Monday, October 10, 2011

Jabplite Blackberry Personal Money Manager

If you are in affiliate marketing or affiliate program management you undoubtedly have a lot of different money streams to manage, both in and out. There are times when you are on the go that you want to be able to check in with those money streams or reference your budget possibilities when you come across a new product possibility.

For any of that and more there is JabpLite for BlackBerry. In essence, JabpLite is a personal money management app. An easy-to-use budgeting program, JabpLite enables you to keep track of expected and actual expenses. The main feature they offer is basic speadsheets to keep track of revenue and payments and track how your money is distributed. This allows you to stay updated on all of your financial information when traveling or away from the office.

The main features JabpLite provides are:
1. Multiple Accounts (keep track and integrate)
2. Transaction Saving (save transactions you do regularly) Default and user-defined categories
3. Investment Tracking
4. Schedule Orders (by day/month/year) to auto-pay on due dates.
5. Balance Predictions (calculate where you’ll be when the next check comes)
6. Expense Rankings (shows you where your money goes)
7. Foreign Currency Accounts (with real-time exchange rate updates)

JabpLite comes with another program called JabpFile that enables you take data from your PC on a memory card so you can import/export QIF files. If you are a busy affiliate marketer, this is the kind of app that will keep you updated on your own financial status no matter where you are.

JabpLite is user friendly software you can use to track multiple accounts. I love the the built in features like easy transaction entries where it saves your previous categories so you wont have to enter them again. I also you this to track my checking account and which I often need to monitor all the time. You can also switch views so JabpLite can show your net worth, investments as well as accounts with different currencies.

developer: freepoc
download link: JabpLite

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