Monday, October 10, 2011

BlackBerry Apps: JabpLite personal money management app

JabpLite is an application that can be downloaded onto your Blackberry which will help you keep track of your personal finances. As it’s on your phone, this can be done on the go. It has many features which will help you keep track of your finances. One of this includes multiple account checks- so you can keep track of different credit card, bank accounts and check them all in one application. You can have both default and user-defined categories so you can personalize how you like to view your accounts.

You can save the transaction you do often, under Regular transactions, which will save you time every time you log in. Also, this can help you track your investments. You can also view any outstanding orders. This can be viewed in many different time periods- yearly, monthly, daily or another frequency and it will automatically generate on the due dates. You can also view future balance calculations- so you can check if you will have enough money to last until pay day. There is a net worth calculation tool in the application as well. You can view categories which help you control your expenses- such as your top ten expense categories. Your foreign currency accounts will automatically evaluate based on foreign exchange rates. Sometimes when your life is moving so fast, you can forget to check on all your finances which makes this a nice application to have on the go.

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