Monday, October 10, 2011

Keepass for Blackberry Security Freeware

Keepass is an open source password manager that runs in windows and also several mobile devices. I’m happy to say Blackberry is one of them. Keepass uses AES (Advanced Encryption Standard) this is the standard of encryption chosen by the American National Institute of Standards and Technology (Government Agency). It currently use 128bit encryption, which I is sufficient to protect sensitive information inside your phone.

Since the addition of the Blackberry version you can just encode information using the windows version of keepass and keep another copy inside your phone. With the keepass explorer you just which database you want to open SD card or phone memory.

I’m a firm believer of having several passwords, keeping track off all of them is hard but having keepass around solves that problem.

download keepass Blackberry version : link

We have mentioned KeePass for BlackBerry a few times in the past year as a free alternative for storing passwords and sensitive information on your Berry. It even syncs with the KeyPass desktop client.

There have been quite a few small releases since we last mentioned it so I thought it would be worth bringing it up again.

You can find the app for OTA and desktop install at:

You can find the desktop app at:

Change log for this last release on January 5th:


2489354 The auto-save function is causing corrupt files
2489348 Sync is unstable
2457280 ArrayIndexOutOfBounds exception when using keyfiles
2431184 Display entry fails when in read only mode


2489453 Add more feedback during encryption/decryption
2489356 Refactor the desktop add-in

*** WARNING *** There are major changes to the synchronization process in this release. Please read the “Synchronization” section of the “Overview” help document for more information. You MUST also install the msi package provided with this release to properly synchronize your data. Attempting to perform a desktop synchronization with an earlier version of the Desktop Add-In could result in corrupted data.

Thanks Tom for sending this one in!

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