Friday, October 14, 2011

Netflix mobile access to your movie wish list available for BlackBerry phones

There are many Netflix users out there, making it a higher demand for mobile access to your movie wish list (queue).  Still in BETA, SmartFlicks is available for BlackBerry phones at the moment providing you with all your Netflix access via mobile.  You can add all your DVDs into your queue on the go without having to go through the whole website on an actual PC.  The whole Netflix library is available for viewing and review by YOU movie viewers. 

Entertainment news and information are available to see what’s hot and what’s not.  Lookinf for “coming soon” films and what the current movie times are? SmartFlicks will provide that as well.  In addition to that, it will give you GPS enabled directions to the theaters you want to see your movie in.  On Pyxis Mobile‘s website, they show an “interesting technical fact” stating:  ”this application was designed and delivered by a cross-functional team in under 24 hours with no coding and no compilation. It makes use of data from multiple data sources, and highlights a number of Pyxis Mobile 6.1 features including exploding rows, font control, in-line images, and graphical navigation.”

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